Condemnation and Eminent Domain

KSC has extensive experience in condemnation and eminent domain actions.  Condemnation proceedings are often complicated and emotional for landowners and residents.

KSC represents dozens of agricultural landowners, dairymen, water districts and residential landowners related to California’s High Speed Rail project, which is the largest public works project in the nation. KSC has developed working relationships with the High Speed Rail Authority, including the Chairman, top management, regional staff, and right-of-way consultants and engineers, and through such relationships, KSC is able to navigate the many complex and sometimes convoluted issues that arise daily as California pushes forward with the project in the San Joaquin Valley, and begins expanding the project to the North and South.

The Group assists clients in negotiating with federal, state and local governments related to the acquisition of their property, and the unique circumstances that exist on each individual parcel.  The Group understands and assists growers, dairymen and residential clients with unique and complicated relocation issues, including relocating irrigation systems, wells, ingress and egress, and other intricate circumstances.

Condemnation and Eminent Domain Team