Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy

The Government Advocacy Group at KSC is well positioned to serve the firm’s diverse clientele’s advocacy and lobbying needs in California. Decades of experience in working directly with the California State Legislature, the Governor’s Office and dozens of state administrative agencies has led to the insight and expertise that allows us to make a positive impact on the process and thereby benefit our clients.

The services we provide range from monitoring and reporting on California legislative and administrative regulatory issues to spearheading major efforts on complex issues. We are in constant contact with the people and the issues that impact our clients. Calling on our combined decades of years of experience in dealing with government, we confidently offer our clients expertise in drafting legislation and regulations, preparing and presenting of testimony, securing state and local government contracts, coalition building, and personally interacting with legislators and administrators from agencies such as the Air Resources Board, Board of Equalization, California Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Department of Consumer Affairs, Department of Food and Agriculture, Department of Pesticide Regulation, Labor and Workforce Development Agency and State Water Resources Control Board.

The ever-changing face of government in California, due to mandated term limits at the state level and the diverse personality and background of elected and appointed officials, often makes our work more art than science. Nonetheless, we have found over the years that the underpinnings of success are directly tied to credibility, an absolute command of the facts, and client involvement.

KSC fully understands that the very people who retain us are indispensable in achieving success. They add to our credibility, provide critically important direction, background and technical information, and they often have the means by which to energize others. With this in mind, we ask that our clients get involved and stay involved throughout the process, knowing that together everyone accomplishes more.

Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy Team