Agricultural Commissions

In 1977, a landmark state law was adopted that led to formation of over two dozen agricultural commissions in the past 40 years.  The underlying legal structure for these commissions came from multiple sources including the California Marketing Act of 1937, relevant statutes and case law, and original language that created a unique relationship between state government and industry that provided the transparency of government and the efficiency of the private sector.

KSC partner George H. Soares drafted the language and ushered it through the California State Legislature for the avocado industry while serving as principal consultant to the Assembly Committee on Agriculture.  Since formation of KSC in 1979, the firm has done the same for numerous other commodities such as apples, asparagus, blueberries, dates, grape rootstock, olive oil, peppers, rice, sheep, strawberries, walnuts, wheat, wine grapes and several more.

Over the decades these industry funded commissions have been legally validated in state and federal courts and continue to greatly benefit growers and handlers subject to the law.  Their value to industry, consumers and the public comes in several forms including production and marketing research, advertising, promotion, public education and market expansion.

KSC serves as legal counsel for the vast majority of these commissions engaging on a wide array of matters including board structure, contracts, assessment collections, and administrative and litigation issues.  As part of this representation, KSC directly interacts with the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the Attorney General, the Fair Political Practices Commission and others.

Agricultural Commissions Team